About me

I was born in Rio de Janeiro and for the past twenty years I have been living in Italy.

I am Brazilian but feel very italian at the same time, I am part of two worlds in which i recognize myself perfectly. I love my hometown and I have chosen Italy as an incubator of my future and place to raise my children. My two natures merged perfectly and not only my personality mirrors them, it is what helped me develop my profession.

I work to support operationally italian companies that want to open their business in Brazil.

I like to think of myself as a cultural bridge between the two countries, I live in between two cultures and this allows me to have a thorough knowledge of both worlds and a network of contacts in both countries, a benefit that shouldn’t be taken for granted for my clients.

I manage a team of professionals with whom we help italian companies that want to do business in Brazil. Our job is to find contacts and begin negotiations, provide preliminary market analysis and most importantly provide operational support to companies in the start up phases, providing all the services necessary in opening a company on Brazilian territory.

I love being crucial for the company and the essential person of reference for people that rely on me. Each poject is like bringing a baby to life.

I am convinced that Brazil is land full of opportunities and I take personal satisfaction in being the instrument that creates them for my clients. I live my job like a continous stimulus, a bit for necessity and a bit for passion I constantly keep myself updated, always ready to learn something new and put myself on the line.

My first work experiences are tied to the sports world. Afterwards I worked for many years for fairs, congresses and events, it giving me the opportunity to meet many Italian and Brazilian companies and begin a solid network of contacts in the Brazilian business and political world.

I enjoy being the cultural reference for my clients because it is what helps me create stronger bonds. My innate curiosity towards everything is what renders me unique, I love meeting new people, cultures and places, so that my clients may enjoy them likewise. When I follow a project, I don’t only follow the business portion but want my clients to appriciate this magnificent territory, my land.

Life isn’t just business! In addition to my personal work experieces what contributed mostly to my personal growth was motherhood. I am the mother of two beatiful children that represent my outmost success!

In 2014 I started a new project that has nothing in common with my business, although it’s inextricably linked to my country. Together with other partners we have created Soho Sparks of Happiness Onlus, a voluntary association that takes care of women and children all around the world. In particular, I’m the project supervisor of Brazil, where we work with an orphanage in a favela in Rio de Janeiro.



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Native or bilingual




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